Should Be Made In America

The new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and dozens of other major infrastructure projects nationwide are being built with foreign steel and manufactured materials. The sad fact is that there are workers here in America who could have crafted those materials with pride and precision.

But it's not too late. Our state and federal leaders need to know that we want to rebuild our nation using American steel and manufacturing. Federal and state taxpayer dollars should not be used to reward companies who have moved their operations, investment dollars, and jobs to foreign countries.

We're the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a labor-business partnership that is committed to rebuilding our nation and strengthening our manufacturing base. It's time to make your voice heard. Tell your leaders that you want your tax dollars to rebuild our nation, putting men and women to work here in America. The blueprint for the future should be Made in America.

Come back soon to see our next billboard location and access the expanded website, which will include an interactive map of major infrastructure projects around the nation, tools for activists to engage your federal and state lawmakers, and stories about the men and women who want to rebuild America.
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